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NEW: 24 x Mix Vegetables Dried Chips 75g

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Mix Vegetables Dried Chips 75g is a ready to consume snack that is all natural, vegan friendly and an excellent source of dietary fibre. It contains no artificial colours or preservative. Enjoy the essence of the vegetable in a light and crispy texture that's perfect for snacking


Mix Vegetables Dried Chips 75g adalah makanan ringan yang sesuai untuk semua termasuk vegatarian dan merupakan salah satu sumber serat pemakanan yang baik. Ia tidak mengandungi pewarna tiruan atau pengawet. Nikmati intipati sayuran dalam tekstur yang ringan dan rangup


Mix Vegetables Dried Chips 75g 是一种全新推出的营养零食,适合素食者同时它也能够提供每日所需的纤维。此外,Mix Vegetables Dried Chips 75g 不含人工色素或任何防腐剂,以清淡酥脆的口感闻名,每口都含有各类蔬菜的精华,是零食爱好者的最佳选择之一


Ingredients: Pumpkin slices, okra, purple potato chips, lotus root slices, maltose syrup, maltodextrin, white sugar, edible salt


Storage Method: Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight


Method of Consume: Ready to eat



  1. Suggest to finish eating once canister is opened
  2. For children below 3 years of age, suggest crushing it to smaller size before eating and under parent's monitoring


Net Weight: 75 grams


Why Our Customers Love Us :


Alice Seong

" 新鮮,沒有臭油味。很涮嘴。酥脆。带点甜味的虾饼条。一包一下子就吃完了。"

" Taste good a hint of sweetness. Made on same month, the products is fresh."


Jac Goh

"Products are premium quality.  Seller is super attentive and very friendly. Strongly recommend to buy from this store. ?????"


Mohamad Adib Fitri

"Rasa menepati cita rasa saya yg suka keropok"


Angela Ong

"The cracker is fresh, taste good"